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To communicate using the Internet means to share information in a different way you usually do. Traditional advertising has an established set of rules to be successful. The web has rules that are even more restrictive. Internet users don’t want to be forced to read long texts, and readily change pages if they get annoyed.

Your contents must therefore be brief and impressive, supported by involving graphics. Also, your goal must be to achieve impulse buying, converting visitors into customers.

Emotion and user-friendliness

RankLab Studio is the result of cooperation between highly skilled professionals specialized to support companies in their reach for new communication projects on the web. We believe the Internet is already mature as a self-standing media that doesn’t needs to be used as a support for off-line communication any longer.

When we start a new project, we keep such guidelines in mind. And knowledge of the different reference targets is the key to create peculiar communications platforms that always are different one from another.

Making and indexing websites

As we already stated, the most perfect website is useless as long a it can’t be found. To have it appear in the top places with search engines, it has to be indexed properly trough the use of a series of specific techniques

These are our indexing guidelines

  • Human made insertion. Search engines dislike automatic submission
  • Submission to the main 5-6 engines, that bring about 90% of traffic
  • Submission on the main directories in the proper sections
  • Submission to DMOZ-ODP
  • Periodical check of indexed pages

Full Guarantee

Our SEO services includes a guarantee that provides for payment only when the objectives will be achieved.

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