Strategic choice of keywords

94% of surfers considers search engines the most efficient tool to reach the needed information: on this basis, it is easy to understand why, in a search engine positioning service, it is a must to correctly identify the Customer belonging sector and targets. It is strategically important to understand in a clear way what type of traffic the Customer wishes to receive and which products or services are offered from the site; this to offer to the most suitable users group the easiest way to find the pages.

This explains the strategic value of a correct set up of right keywords. This set up will be made not just accidentally conceiving which words could be searched out from a search engine user, but applying precise criteria and performing a very accurate analysis of terms used, in reality, on the prominent search engines in the last month period.

Tools are available to verify such important parameters, aiming to locate the precise terms that are more frequently searched and then activate on your pages the real target traffic.

Keywords: How intelligently locate them?

The very moment you decide the keywords you think will be used to locate your site in the web, is absolutely the more delicate and strategic of all the activity. Your choice will deeply influence the type of traffic you will receive and, more significantly, the quality of traffic.

Actually, the strategic keywords for your site are not the most plain and taken for granted, as, very often, simple search words are too competitive and, to get results via these simple terms, requires investment of time and money. For Example: let us pretend that your Company assembles and sells wireless units (no wire data transfer).

Searching Googles with wireless term , you have back a SERP of 570,000,000 indexed pages, as this is an English word and therefore will include in the results all those in English (United States, Australia, U.K., etc.) and as this is a very simple term, with inflated usage, and there are a very great number of big Companies that are already active to come out in this sector, making this term iper-competitive.

Therefore the best keywords for your web site are those that are really searched and that will bring the bigger traffic, but that, at the same time, those that are competing with a reduced number of competitors. Using these words will be also easier to keep positioning levels already reached.

Keywords: which ones to use?

So, which keywords to choose to receive the best traffic and to obtain the best results from your pages?
Last available statistics (dated February 2006) from NEXTPLORA are confirming that:
– 43% of surfers on search engines use at least two different terms for the search.
– Only 34% uses at least 3 terms
– The remaining 23% uses only single terms.
A carefully indexed site can receive via search engines up to 70-80% of visits. This explains how it is important to set up your pages to get results also with composite search phrases, in a way to maximize the search field that will show you up on the search engines. Choice and set up of strategic keywords is one of our key points and is included in our search engines positioning services.

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