Which meta tags are still useful?

A guide to main meta tags: while building a web page, it still is extremely important to set meta tags up correctly from the start. Let’s say that meta tags must be inserted into the head section, ad we shall now see which ones are essential and which are the ones you can do without.

Meta Title

It still is one of the main meta tags end it can be a real “visit card” for search engines and it will be shown in all searches. We suggest not to use more than 60 characters for this tag, otherwise search engines will only show part of it, and keywords you naturally will insert there will loose strength. A good title, in our opinion, is no longer than 4 or 5 words.

Meta Description

Here you’ll put the actual description of your page, therefore we suggest you to make up a very short synopsis in a fully featured period using the appropriate punctuation marks,. Useless to say that here too you will insert your main keywords. We also suggest non to make it to long, to avoid the keywords to loose importance. Let’s say the whole period should not be longer that 100/120 characters.

Meta Keywords

This meta tag ha lost most of its importance. There are search engines like Google that consider it very little or not at all. It is still useful, as some search engines still care. This is where you put the main keywords concerning to your page, and we suggest to put only terms that are actually contained in it, and to avoid ones that aren’t. Here too, it is better to avoid too many keys, using only the main ones found in your texts, without repeating them and separating them with commas. It is good to put the main keywords at the beginning to increase their importance.

Meta Robots

This meta tags indicates to search engine spiders which pages to index and in the suggested form it means: follow all links starting from the index page and index all you find. If instead, we would like spiders NOT to index pages, we should use NOINDEX. From our experience, this meta tag is very helpful in association with robots.txt. This is not a meta tag, but a simple text file that can be written using any text editor and that must be put in the site’s root directory. In a few days time you will find a new section dedicated to robots.txt.

Meta Language

This meta tag tells which language is used inside the page. In the present case we used “en” for English, while in our Italian pages we use “it”.

Meta Charset

Charset allows to describe the document type, this one is “text/html” and the character set used (ISO-8859-1).

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