Marketing Glossary , the most used terms for positioning

  • Meta Tags: This is the set of HTML language instructions contained in the pages, available to provide info to search engines: page title, author, program used to write them down, description and keywords.
  • Link Popularity: Site popularity index, based on links from and to out sits. Link Popularity if link are pertinent to our web site.
  • Site Registration: Signaling activity to inform search sites of existence of a site.
  • Robot (Crawler): program used from search engines to visit web sites , with automatic aperture of any available ipertextual link.
  • MDR: Acronyms for search engine.
  • Directory: set of sites catalogued by category (ex. Yahoo or DMOZ).
  • Ranking: Position that a search engine allocates to a site, a classification calculated on many factors, such as Link Popularity and connection with the search term(s) used.
  • Keyword: A particularly significant word for its connection with content of a site page. If correctly chosen, keywords will be used from search engines to give evidence and to show results to surfers searching in the web.
  • Keyword density: is the repetition frequency of a keyword in respect to the text available in the page. In the proper ratio, repeated words are very important to focalize search engines awareness on the precise chosen word. It is important not to exceed the correct ratio, without spoiling meaning and readability of text.
  • Welcome pages: Pages expressly made to be positioned in the search engines, as laid down focalizing text and other elements on specific terms. The Welcome pages are laid down in packets, each of them for just one of Customer chosen keyword.
  • Landing pages: Pages expressly made to welcome the surfer reaching our site, making available tools to easily perform specific actions, Ex: newsletter subscription form or direct sale of a service/product.

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