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frequently Asked Questions

Top search engines positioning, research results and all matters tied to web sites programming and positioning is often a matter of doubts and questions, both from people trying to position their sites by themselves as well as from companies and institutions that must invest in web marketing. Here we supply answers to questions that we often must reply to, in hope they can be helpful:

  • Do you accept all kinds of work?
    We reserve the right to accept works following our own criteria. We certainly refuse to be involved in any project concerning pornography, racism and racial hate, nazism and fascism, planning of unlawful activities, hacking, any sort of activities considered to be criminal according to Italian law and any other activity that may offend RankLab Studio’s public image.
  • Do you deal in e-commerce sites?
    Yes. We can provide e-commerce sites using PHP, AP and Please do ask for information concerning your own needs. For more details go to the e-commerce section.
  • Do you also deal with graphics?
    Yes. Our staff is deeply skilled in graphics and design. We can provide any kind of coordinated image. If you already have corporate graphics, it will simply be transferred from paper to any new media in collaboration wit your usual graphics provider. For more information, please go to our graphics and image section.
  • Do you also deal with site promotions and search engine submissions?
    Yes. One of our strongest points actually is top positioning on search engines. Working on new pages as well as on already existing ones, without changing their look, we add value in time to your site, so that can easily be found on all main search engines. For more information, please check our positioning section.
  • Do you take jobs from anywhere?
    Yes. You can build a site and stay in touch with purchasers via e-mail, messaging services or Skype (while we design a site we load it on a private space allowing the buyer to control all working phases). We built sites all over Italy and abroad.
  • Is there a contract to sign?
    Yes. We request a contract to be signed by both parts for all works we do to protect mutual interests.
  • Is a statistics service included?
    Yes. Every site we provide includes an graphs access statistics service, to be activated on demand and to be viewed on line including the capability to send all stats by e-mail at given times. Stats are generated on your own web space, so it might require you to buy extra space.
  • Do you really ask for payment when you put sites on line?
    Yes. Final payment will be required only once the guarantee terms are fulfilled. You will however be required do pay 50% of the amount in advance, as precautionary measure.
  • Who are your purchasers?
    Small and medium sized enterprises in the following sectors: civilian, industrial, insurance, banking manufacturing, services, distribution, logistics, catering, freelance, consulting, restaurants, hotel, tourist activities, tour operators, transportation, estate agencies, construction. humanitarian organizations, trade brokers, vocational schools, wholesalers, etc…As a matter of fact anyone that believes in search engine promotion and that wants to be found on top pages, eventually with an posh site, can become a client of ours. Trough us you will be able to reach your potential clients with your products and services because you will be easy to find on search engines.

Full Guarantee

Our SEO services includes a guarantee that provides for payment only when the objectives will be achieved.

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