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Getting to the Top: You know it by yourself, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Your beautifully designed ad easy to access web site is useless if nobody can find it. To reach a good positioning it has to convey traffic using keywords that are specific for your trade, and there must be a coordinate company image characterizing your landing pages.

It takes an expert to reach such goals, and we supply full-time web consulting to our clients. Search engines? Wich search engines? There are hundreds of search engines out there, but the ones that matter are just a few. Google, Excite HotBot, Lycos, Inktomi, FastWeb, AllTheWeb, MSN and naturally, Yahoo and DMOZ, that are no search engines, but Directories.

These are the main International search engines, each of them requiring specific contrivances the to reach a proper positioning. What are your customers looking for? To convey visitors from your target range, your pages must be optimized and well positioned.

Surveys prove that 90% of web surfers use search engines for their queries. Also, they hardly look for links that lay beyond the very first few result pages. It is therefore vital to be in the very first positions. Most web sites do look very good, but lack a proper web marketing strategy and do not have a good positioning.

An example of a correct site design can be seen on Promotion Italy, ( ) the portal our agency has created to promote Italian business. If you need a good positioning for your company’s site, require information on our SEO services

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Our SEO services includes a guarantee that provides for payment only when the objectives will be achieved.

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